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Saturday, June 03, 2017
What's up on me these days

Oh look at the Posted Date! It's been a decade already since my last entry. And it's just amazing to know that Blogdrive is still here. My posts are still here.

Oh where to begin? For the past years, a lot has been going on. I graduated - at long last - after all the drama and despairs I've put in here. I got a job, had a boyfriend, got married, and now raising a family. I still do blog, switching over different sites, starting again, leaving and then starting again. Tried to be a poetic and creative kind of writer, religious blogger, travel chronicler, and lifestyler - but it all just didn't seem to work.

Right now, I'm kind of back in my remorseful mood. My sentimental side. My dreamy, ambitious, nostalgic self. So I remembered and went back here. Because I liked my entries way back then, even if my college life wasn't the best to remember. I recalled I have happy thoughts here. And simple. And honest perspectives. I recalled I have favorite blogs that I followed way back then. I suppose none of them existed or are updated these days. My favorite writers inspired me to write long entries such as this, and to just pour out all opinions I could think of. I miss them a lot.

So I'm back here. Because I want to dream again. Set goals, plans, perspectives, honest opinions, and all that just come in my mind. Of career, people, family, friends, and travel. Oh how I love to travel. I already did a few, but I am not yet satisfied. It is addicting. If only I just have the time, financial, and social resources though. Finance the big factor, and social, because I'd like not to do it alone. Travelling is good when with friends and loved ones.

And I'm back here because I feel solace. It's different to write travel itineraries and budgets, learnings from verses and preaching, and lifestyle trends - from those, I cannot retreat, because I feel I have an audience to please, a standard to achieve, a certain degree of level to attain, and benchmark my words from other blogs.

In here, I'm just my self, writing with the purpose of solely writing.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

         So many things have happened in the past few months. Forgive me if I haven't been able to detail many of those but then I was very busy. I barely log in the internet, or if I'll check my e-mails, it's mostly org stuffs I'm viewing at and taking care of. However, the good news despite the busy life I'm currently engaging at is that, those things which I'm mostly attending to, turned successful. Last semester could be one of the happiest moments of my school life. And I have to credit everything to Him for he made all of those possible. First of, I passed all of my subjects. Second, He provided me with enough strength to handle and face different situations with regards to our org semestral break activity. What I learned? 

        I found myself 
            • talking to teachers and advisers of the participants of the academic competitions we're organizing;
            • answering their questions, making decisions which seem to be beneficial for them, and seeing to it that we kept to our promises and not breaking them;
            • talking before the mall staff, sketching the layout of stage chairs and tables arrangement where our 4-day activity took place (instant interior designer?!);   
            • being nice to everyone despite the pressures and busy work I'm handling;
            • talking on stage, thanking the participants, the sponsors, and the people who helped us;
            • going to houses and offices of politicians, asking for solicitations for our activity;
            • meeting some nice, good, respectable people;
            • waking up early in the morning; 
            • looking for judges for our contests, meeting them, and seeing to it that they're comfortable; 
            • doing layout work for our newsletter (my first hands-on experience); and lastly,
            • thanking everyone, when all's over – my family, my friends, and relatives for their unselfish support.

All these, He blessed it to me last semester. It is Him who's to be credited the most.

This second semester, I pray He will give me the same. I'm expecting this is going to be a tough semester too – my majors are piling up. The ones I've taken a year ago are here again. So it's going to be double effort. I will do this. And I believe I can.

* Pictures of our sem break org activity last October may be viewed at .

Posted at 09:05 pm by blue
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Rains last Summer

       It was the first time the rains greeted the hot days of summer. We were having a splendid time in Cebu and I was wishing for more. Thanks to Ate Jan and Kuya Marky, we were able to set foot on and enjoy the beauty of the Taoist temple, have a nice nighttime view of the city from a mountain top, ate at a relaxing resto, and bought doughnuts at a new town center. The next day, we were on our ship back to Bohol.
       It was quite nice having Mom and my two sisters with me. It's a sad thing Dad wasn’t able to accompany us. It would have been merrier with him around. Anyway, he will be fetching us sooner or later. When we set foot on land, tiny raindrops were falling above our heads. I tried to squeeze in the only umbrella we have as the four of us made our way towards the waiting cabs.
       We stopped for lunch at a small resto not far. Dad will catch up with us there later. It was around two in the afternoon and it was a bit dark for the clouds have mostly covered the skies. We finished our food hastily, silently for we were all hungry. Not a single leftover was spared at that time. We were almost done when Dad came by. He said he had already eaten so we left and headed for home which will take 4 towns away from where we were.
       Wanting the trip to be a little bit longer, I suggested we check out the little island we've wanted to see for such a long time. There have been lots of invitations from our relatives to come over that place but then, time and constraints often stand between. That time, however, should be perfect chance. Unbelievably, Dad agreed, turned, and head towards the narrow land bridge that lead to little Sandingan.
       We were all excited, going and heading through a place we've never been, all except for Dad. It must have been years since the last time he went to that place, he said, for much has been changed like the foreigner-owned houses that now stood and this new road that was constructed. He drove right upon coming across a diversion. I knew we were starting to circle the island. We searched for the house of a relative's, passed by a few villagers and asked them for directions. "Oh, just follow this one road which is leading and after three barrios, you will find her place," they said. Funny, I thought, how perfectly well these villagers knew each other, even if our kin lives three barrios away. Must be how small this island that makes them close, I realized. Dad offered me to steer the wheel for us but I refused, reminding him of my unfamiliarity of the place. Besides, I was busy enjoying myself while looking at the rich flora that grew alongside of the road. We passed by very few houses some foreigner-owned, some by old inhabitants (by the looks of the houses’ age), for most areas were covered by rocky, idle lands. The air was cold and tiny raindrops were visible from the car window.
        We came upon the house of our relative upon chancing a familiar car that must have been owned of another close relative's. Many of them must have visited too, knowing that a fiesta of another town near this place just ended. And we were right, for around five of them stopped at the place just in time we arrived. I met them, some I've only seen for the first time, talked, chatted, and ate. They invited us to join them next fiesta at Cabilao, another island across Sandingan.
        We continued our way on the only road and didn't go back to the direction we've been through. We will circle this island. One more stop, then we'll head for home afterwards. We dropped by at the barrio facing Cabilao, wanting to check how far this island might be, or near as how our relatives would describe it to be. To our surprise, though it may take a small boat to cross over the water, the island was just so near. It might take only a 5 or 10-minute ride. The docking area opposite from where we were was clearly visible, and houses, and trees. Mom never believed the proximity of the place until that time when she saw it. Next time, I thought, we'll come and visit over that place. Raindrops were still descending on us but it didn't matter. The feeling, though cold, was something I didn't want to miss. We took pictures at the fishing and docking port where we stood. That was totally memorable.
        On the way home, we were somehow exhausted of the discovery trip we made. The rains were already pouring down hard and the places we've passed were extremely hushed, except for a few cars we met along the way. Everyone must have settled inside their homes and spent those quiet times with their family. It was the perfect time to spend time together. Lovely, I thought. And I slowly, leaned over the car window, listened to the kindly music that was playing, and cherished that one wonderful rainy memory last summer.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006
Nice one

You are ambitious: for knowledge, for leadership, for great ventures.Good. Very good. But let it be for Christ, for Love.

- Jose Maria Escriva, The Way


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It was like I was shipped back to old memories, back to those years when movies tell tales of life in the countryside. Running through the fields, chasing with your pet dog, breathing the fresh air, feeling nature by your side, jump, run, fly! It seemed like the best days of your life – when it has nothing bad to offer to you, not yet. It was during those times when you are so eager to catch anything beyond your reach. You'll just have to feel nature by your side. Feel. Float. Fly. It's the best thing one can ever dream of. It was like I was shipped back to old memories.

I was shipped back to the days when people were yet starting to dream of magic – the magic of flying. When movies tell tales of small, humble beginnings of childhood 'til the day one becomes a hero. I can't quite remember how exactly it was going. Who knows, I was just a child then, though I recall how well his music was played and how he rescued people. But getting to know the storylines better was something I didn't attain nor even bother of catching up later. Because afterward, he kind of withered away though a few TV series tried to revive him, though those I didn't seem to mind anymore.

We all knew him by his flying. Others call him by his steel. He was the first among the modern others (if I'm not mistaken). And now, his return movie is shown. It was the talk of the town. I feel quite disappointed after realizing how much I've missed about Superman before. I can't remember knowing what kryptonite means to him, or what those crystals for, or how his best friend became his enemy, or why he left earth and went back home. All I know is that he has Lois as his partner, he has foster parents on earth, and he works disguised as a journalist by the name of Clark Kent. I have missed watching reruns of his old movies back when I was a kid (my father has a plenty collection of those – in Betamax) and series like Lois and Clark or Smallville. Most of these have wandered off by now. I was no good at catching up fast. Old sources have slowly gone adrift.

But at least this was good -- trying to relive the old, simple days. Back to the imaginations of flying. To the dreams of magic. This time I won't let it go. I'll gather enough so I could retell plenty soon after, especially when all of these would begin to go wandering again.

Posted at 10:37 pm by blue
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